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One of the things I have always loved is writing. I still remember writing funny stories in fifth grade and then folding them up and hiding them away in my favorite bright red joke book. I remember writing a short fantasy story about finding an Egyptian tomb deep in the New England woods. I remember an English professor in college giving us the option to write a report about a book, or to write a story of our own. No contest, I was gonna write something from scratch. But when I submitted my fable, to my surprise, she held it up in front of the class, looked me straight in the eye (as I sat hiding near the back of the room) and said very directly, "You are a writer." Her name? Mrs. Read. You can't make these things up.

But, try as I might - as I emulated Stephen King, or Richard Bach, or Anne Lamott, or Liz Gilbert, or Bill Bryson over the years - I never quite finished anything. Well, not until my strange body-artwork made its appearance in my life. But I found that the more I created these images - which should have been able to speak for themselves - the more I had to say about the images. And that is how, in my backwards way, my first book of pictures and essays was born. Of course, who imagines that their first book would be about being naked? But, hey, at least you can say I was being authentic, because I sure as hell wasn't copying anyone else.

My second book happened a few years later, after I had moved to California. At the time, I had so little money that I couldn't even go out to buy a candy bar. So I decided that my "house arrest" was the perfect opportunity to make the type of illustrated story I always wanted to make, which is what I did ... although my easy "weekend project" would end up taking 8 months instead!

So here are the two books - with all the obstacles and distractions and pitfalls that life has thrown at me - that I still somehow managed to make real. I still want to make more, of course. I am always writing and creating. But the fact that I've even been able to make these two books ... is a fact I will forever be proud of.


Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work

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about the book

What if you could just be you, exactly as you are? What if there were nothing wrong with you, or your body? What if fear is just a signpost? What if you already have all the strength you need? What if your only job in this world is to simply be you?

Through the use of self-empowering naked artwork and accompanying essays on the "power of being you," Kemson Cooper takes you on a witty, emotional, and inspiring journey to self-acceptance. 

This is a great book for anyone - not just nudists & artists - because as you turn each page, you'll see a person defying the shame society says they should feel about their own body and loving themselves anyway. In fact, after a short time the naked imagery becomes so ordinary that you'll see it for the analogy it is, and then the book's true message can emerge: You do not have to be naked yourself, but to feel truly alive in this life you must find your own mask (whatever that may be) and strip it away. Yet without this risk, we can never reap the reward: it's only in being seen, by dropping our masks, that we find both power and peace.

So in Love Yourself~A Body of Work, Kemson Cooper takes this leap: he models self-acceptance in a way that mere words cannot. And by doing so, the message can actually get through: "Hey," readers soon say, "maybe this level of self-acceptance is available to me, too."  And this, in fact, is what many others have found.

The Bird Who Had No Clue


about the book

Who am I? ... Where am I? ... Where should I go? ... What should I do? ... Will anyone be my friend?

A little bird appears all alone in the woods and does not know what to do, a feeling we all share when starting off in life or embarking on anything new. Follow the innocent little bird as it fumbles its way along, questioning as it goes, hoping to find a friendly face out there and maybe its place in the world.

The Bird Who Had No Clue is a great book for anyone. It reads as an entertaining children's story for kids, but also serves as a fable about life for adults. It makes a great gift book for anyone going through new ventures, transitions, or rites of passage. With hints of The Giving Tree and Jonathan Livingston Seagull, this funny philosophical tale about finding friendship and your place in the world will give you (or a friend) hope and heart as you set out on any new journey ...

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