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Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work

Love Yourself book
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Available on Blurb
as an e-book or in print.

(e-book is great if on a budget)

about the book

What if you could just be you, exactly as you are? What if there were nothing wrong with you, or your body? What if fear is just a signpost? What if you already have all the strength you need? What if your only job in this world is to simply be you?

Through the use of self-empowering naked artwork and accompanying essays on the "power of being you," Kemson Cooper takes you on a witty, emotional, and inspiring journey to self-acceptance. 

This is a great book for anyone - not just nudists & artists - because as you turn each page, you'll see a person defying the shame society says they should feel about their own body and loving themselves anyway. In fact, after a short time the naked imagery becomes so ordinary that you'll see it for the analogy it is, and then the book's true message can emerge: You do not have to be naked yourself, but to feel truly alive in this life you must find your own mask (whatever that may be) and strip it away. Yet without this risk, we can never reap the reward: it's only in being seen, by dropping our masks, that we find both power and peace.

So in Love Yourself~A Body of Work, Kemson Cooper takes this leap: he models self-acceptance in a way that mere words cannot. And by doing so, the message can actually get through: "Hey," readers soon say, "maybe this level of self-acceptance is available to me, too."  And this, in fact, is what many readers have found, too.

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