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Aliveness is a Choice.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Only you can choose the road less taken. No one is going to make that choice for you.

Life is an adventure, no matter how mundane it might look: Going back to school might be your adventure. Or having a baby (or even just having a pet for the first time). Or quitting your job and driving across the country. Or deciding to become an actor or a singer. Or even just singing in front of others, not as a career, simply for the sake of doing it, that can be your adventure, too.

The thing you most fear is a neon arrow pointing you to the thing you most want.

No one can say what your adventure is. Only you know. And how you know is this: it's the thing you're afraid of doing, the thing that the very though of makes you shake. That. That's your adventure. As I've said before, the thing you most fear is a neon arrow pointing you to the thing you most want.

And, boy, wouldn't we love for our adventure to be easy? For it to be all reward, and no risk? That would be great. But that is not what an adventure is. An adventure is leaping for the thing you want the most with no net beneath you. And no, I do not mean a net will appear - none of that cliched business - I mean leaping for the thing you want and there truly is no net there. That is true adventure.

So guess what? You will have scrapes and scars, mistakes and missteps, fears and regrets. This all comes with the territory. But even when bad things happen, guess what you will have as well? ... More aliveness than you know what you do with. In following your adventure (that only your heart can reveal), you will know so much aliveness that you will see that the pre-adventure "you" was mostly dead, biding its time, waiting wishing praying hoping for some aliveness to come along effortlessly, like a free check in the mail. That old you was praying for an adventure to come along and find you, rather than realizing that it is your job to go out there and find it.

So look at your fears, check in with yourself. You fears are not really fears at all, they are just trapped aliveness, waiting for you to choose ... to choose to rise up from your comfy chair and go out there and free it from the jail that only you have the key to. Fears released become the best moments of your life, the ones you will look back upon at the end and say, "God, I am so fucking glad I went for it."

But adventure is always a choice. You don't have to choose it. But will you? That is the only question. Will you choose to go out and free your fears into aliveness?

Adventure awaits.

OK, good enough for now,

~ Quest Barely, all!


Kemson Cooper is the creator of, a site about using the body as a path to explore the Self. He is also the author / artist of "Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work" (perhaps the world's first naked self-empowerment book)

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