Know Yourself.

Updated: May 10, 2021

In order to get to know yourself, the first step is to reveal yourself.

There is no way you can reveal yourself to others, if you are unable to reveal yourself ... to yourself.

It can be scary, but we all basically have two choices: stay asleep or wake up. Waking up can be jarring, but what if it can be fun, too?

Now, look. No one needs to do what I do (which is just an outward analogy of what I'm suggesting you do inside yourself: get naked). It's that old "stand in front of a mirror" thing, except that I'm letting you off the hook here. Because I'm letting you know this has nothing to do with baring your body ... but instead has everything to do with baring your spirit.

In your life, there is no obligation to be literally naked. But here's the question: What would your life feel like if everywhere you went, your spirit were naked, your spirit was bare for all to see? What if you truly lived honestly and openly? This is the gift that "being naked" gives us: truth. Being true. Not having to carry masks, because you don't need them any more. Letting of the things that are heavy, or false. Letting go of the things that block your light.

So get to know your inner spirit. That's the real homework here.

And then, when you really start to feel your true self (it should feel both very peaceful, but also very alive), then start - even in very small interactions - to let that you out, so that others can see it, too.

Good enough for now, ~ Quest Barely, all!


Kemson Cooper is the creator of, a site about using the body as a path to explore the Self. He is also the author / artist of "Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work" (hailed by at least a few as the world's first naked self-empowerment book) & "The Bird Who Had No Clue" (a sweet little illustrated tale about life, for all ages).

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