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Kemson Eagle Cooper
Artist, Writer, Explorer of Self
Location: On the Road, America



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Kemson Eagle Cooper is an explorer first, a nudist book-making writer/artist second. He has followed his passion for self-exploration and experimentation with social norms into many different areas ...


Several years ago, he figured out that pilgrimages were not just for the holy (or only for people who can afford to fly to Spain), so off he went on a pilgrimage of his own ... to the top of a local mountain!


Another time he decided to pick up every bit of trash on his street, kind of like an experiment in caring. Anyway, this lasted several weeks, until he watched Plastic Planet on Netflix and finally realized that all the good will in the world wasn't going to fix our outer garbage problem. But, by doing this project, he learned tons about our inner trash (all of our bad societal habits) and how the results of these habits end up on our streets.


Yet another time, for not very clear reasons, Kemson attempted to bicycle every street in his town. (This journey, he did not complete.) Maybe be will return to this someday - there was some interesting data there, too.


The point is, each time Kemson follows one of his odd ideas, he ends up learning something new about life or society. Often it is something sitting right on the surface of our world, yet hidden in plain sight.


In the 1990s, Kemson was a comedy writer & performer in NYC. He also studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York around 2004. He loves personal exploration and men's work. Kemson's first book is Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work, available now in print or e-books.


His next book will probably be about his pilgrimage of a few years ago ... unless another odd idea grabs his attention first.



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