Your support, my gratitude

It's hard to believe that two months ago, this work did not exist. I did not exist. But I took the leap. I said, "I know this is what I am supposed to do."

I thought I would die.


Instead, all of you came out, rushing towards me, bringing words ot comfort, appreciation, praise, celevration and support.


It reminds me that what they say is true, the thing about taking the leap.


And now, when I look at my work, I see me. I see the me that I always knew was there, hiding. And he doesn't have to hide anymore. 

But there have been dragons, too: voices (from inside and from out there), telling me I am bad/weird/wrong. I have faced many fears already. I have learned that when fears come, you just breathe through them. Then let them go. 


When I feel fear, though, I turn to words of support. Ones you guys have written. 


So I thought it might be good to preserve, in one place, some of the very good thoughts you have sent, both as a shield against the darkness, and also -- hopefully -- as a mirror to you, to share that there is suppout there for the real you, too.


Know this: when you genuinely "go for your life" to REALLY be all of you, there will be detractors, yes, but there will be so so many more people flooding you with love and support. Hang on to them. Keep their words the closest to your heart.

And now, in your own words ...

Kem - your project is amazing and so necessary right now. This needs to become a movement.

Thom N., photographer

I love your art! ... I love and appreciate the message behind what you're doing ... I hope this project goes far! The messages are powerful and much needed! 

Brian Ashby, fashion designer and stylist

I just wanted to tell you that I do feel empowered seeing the honesty in your works which further motivates me! I am very much honored to see people with similar sensibilities taking action and refusing to conform.

Anton B., performance artist & filmmaker

Kem - I have been profoundly touched by your art, your insight, your beauty. Your words shine with an incredibly truth, depth and understanding. And the core-that-is-you brings to the surface an enlightened knowingness of the truth we all seek. From your art I see the intoxicating combination of strength, masculinity, sensitivity, kindness, self acceptance and love. I am awed by what I see and the depths to which it touches me and resonates inside of me. Thank you, Kem. Love & Light be with you.


Very well said and 100% truth!

Christopher P.

So fine, man ... thanks for this splendid work- and your honesty!

Robert T.

So powerful!! :-)

Dan W.

Nice series of photos, look forward to seeing more

Trevor W.

Luv this n so true!!!

Timothy K.

RichText.Right on target, Kem!

Elliot S.

Amazing! Thank you!

Gianberto R.

Kem -- thank you! That means so much. Yes, it's freeing when we can accept who we are ... Then realize we've got one shot at life. It should be enjoyed to the fullest. And that means being honest and true to ourselves. You bared yourself completely on FB, and I'm so proud of you.

Gary F.


Michael C.

Just checked out your web site; great to see such honest unpretentious works.

Michael L.

Powerful idea, great!

Michael L.

Great pic and the words are very thought felt and meaningful

Gary M.

Took guts -- as you can see, the reaction was worth it. Good for you.

Gary F.

Love this work Kem ... very inspirational

Boni J.

Very brave :-)

Eu L.

Great message. Thank you.

Robert B.

Rings a few bells for me, Kem.

Gacho F.

I like your style and attitude very much.

Bo L.

Absolutely love it! Nice meaning and beautiful ...

Raymond N.

Keep this positive attitude, Kem.

Gary F.

Okay. Head trip time. I saw this post - read over the thoughtful words - and then went about my daily tasks. ... I was left inspired. I took a deep breath - looked out into creation - and said I LOVE BEING GAY. I adore and desire men without apology. [...] I've reveled in every second. So thanks Kem for enchanting my day. I'm gonna go kick up some Autumn leaves and have a pep in my step. I just love the creative spirit and its ability to touch others.

Steven W. (an hour later)

I am here to champion forward a fellow artist. This sounds like a great project. 

Steven W.

Beautiful! So simple and very touching. You are so open ...

Roman L.

Smart. Love your site, too.

Phillip W.

Fantastic message!!

David S.

Wow your brave, I know it's Art, but kudos.

Ray T.

Great and courageous message.

Jay I.

After seeing your work I feel inspired to [pursue my own work] and see where I can go with [it]. So thank you for sharing your talent and for being an inspiration!

Brian M.

You're a ... man with a fantastic idea. I love the honesty and complete nakedness both figuratively and literally.

Chuck V.

Thank you, Kem. That was inspiring, to say the least. Your work as an Artist makes me feel empowered, happy, worthy, and motivated to do, try, and be more - like me.

William S.

This is such a great idea more power to you Kem. Our body is our living canvas ever evolving.

Matt X.


David V.

Love this Kem! Photos are great. Love to see more ...

Chuck V.

I love the line of thinking behind this ... beautiful idea. Gratitude.

Benjamin O.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring many.

Michaelm M.

This is an awesome way to make your point [about acceptance of the body and the self]. This is how people heal the society.

Maxim P.

Love it all

Robert S.

I admire [your images] for their beauty and their message.

John K.

I love your posts, messages and art, Kem!!

Elliot S.

Wonderfully affirmative! You are an inspiration!

Angel C.

Great message, great image to match. I think these messages (and their naked delivery) are important.

Geoffrey P.

Kem, love the message

Sonny H.

It takes courage to bare your soul

Robert T.

Brave, bravo!

Warren W.

I thoroughly enjoyed [your post], and I truly liked the message with it.

Geoffrey P.

Awesome! I love everything about it!

Brian M.

Powerful and inspiring photo.

Rogerio B.

Love the "safe and truth" photo! BRAVO

Jean-Pierre F.

I love these posts - Keep 'em coming

Peter M. A.

I really enjoy this work of yours ...

David S.


Thom N.


Gary F.

Super good!!

David S.

Yes, yes, and yes!

Steven M.


Edward P.


Gerry N.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Kem. Your posts are incredibly inspirational.

Ian M.

Loving your fresh series ... shot in an approachable and disarmingly honest dialogue format. You're on a roll, keep moving forward! :)

Pander J.

Beautiful, Mr Kem Cooper!

Warren W.

Your art is great and it appeals to me very deeply.

Marvin Q.

 ... takes courage to do your kind of art!

Warren W.

Power and strength in the best sense!

Robert L. G.

I love these, so inspiring!

MIchael C.

Great series!

Sandy K. A.

This is wonderful Kem !!!!

Bart B.

Powerful indeed.

Thom N.

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