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Available through Blurb.com ... Softcover edition, printed on high-quality paper ... NOTE: Don't fall for the detail on Blurb that says it is 80 pages, it's not ... I use a lot of white space for artistic layout and pacing, so there are blank pages throughout. The actual book content comes in at about 42 or so pages of though-provoking goodness. 

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Whether on a PC/Mac, Chromebook, or Tablet/iPad, this is a triple-win: much cheaper cost, instant delivery, and bright backlit images. The PDF version is a high-quality reproduction of the original images and text. It is both zoomable and swipeable (but ultimately the PDF experience will of course depend upon the OS of your device.) 

Special Note: As far as I can tell, you should be able to copy the PDF to multiple devices. Just please don't share it with others. Direct them to my site if they want to purchase a copy. I worked very hard on this and really put myself out there for this, literally. This is me trying for an artistic life, so please reward me for my efforts - many thanks!


Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work

What the book contains


> a breakthrough integration of art and personal empowerment. you will be challenged, inspired, and empowered to love yourself and be more of YOU.


> roughly 42 pages of content, including Kemson Cooper's body-positive artworks & essays


> several new, never-before-seen images


> personal essays on topics of personal power, vulnerability, strength, self-care and more!


> the book is softcover, in 8x10 vertical format, and will be delivered through blurb.com

What others have said about the work


> "Your project is amazing and so necessary right now. This needs to become a movement."


> "I ... feel empowered seeing the honesty in your works, which further motivates me!"


> "I have been profoundly touched by your art, your insight, your beauty. Your words shine with an incredibly truth, depth and understanding. [You] bring to the surface an enlightened knowingness of the truth we all seek. From your art I see the intoxicating combination of strength, masculinity, sensitivity, kindness, self acceptance and love. I am awed by what I see and the depths to which it touches me and resonates inside of me."


the book


In "Love Yourself ~ A Body of Work," artist / writer / personal-explorer Kemson Cooper takes you through a very unique journey of self-empowerment.


Using his body as the "canvas" of self-acceptance and vulnerability, Cooper presents his -- and others' -- ideas about life through radical self-acceptance. Like never before, the fields of art and self-empowerment are brought together in one book. Cooper uses his own body-acceptance as the springboard to explore issues of personal power, self-nurturing, strength, and -- ultimately -- learning to shine and "be you." You don't have to be a nudist for this book to appeal to you. This book will inspire and empower you in your quest to live a fuller more-alive life ... no matter *what* that looks like for you.


"Love Yourself" is both a unique form of art (finally giving voice to the naked human form as a feeling emoting *person* -- not just a mere object) and also a breakthrough work in personal-development literature.


Kemson Cooper's work has been called "inspiring," "amazing," "disarming," "powerful," and lots of other good adjectives. Said one viewer of his artwork: "This is how people heal society."


Read this book to be inspired to be you. All of you.

If you were part of

my special offer


First of all, thank you. This means you were one of the first people to show me artistic support for this work.


Second, I will keep track of sales, and when one of the first one-hundred people who signed up on my mailing list purchases a copy of the book (in any form) then I will contact you to mail you a personal signed print of one of the images in my book.



AGAIN ... Thank you, everyone, for all of your support.



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